Full Service Flight School

Williston Airport – X60

Williston is a community orientated Airport and it is so easy to fly to.  They have Jet A, AvGas fuel and there is a maintenance shop on the field.  The FBO is run by Wayne, Rich and Dan who have story after story of flying and it is a great environment to talk flying.

There are 2 runways which are currently 6700′ (5-23) and 4700′ (14-32).  Runway 5-23 has been extended back to it’s original length by a resurfacing white topping (concrete) project and taxiway “A” has been completed to accommodate the new runway length.

An Automated Weather Observation Station (AWOS) was recently installed and has been approved by the FAA and has been formally commissioned. For current weather conditions, the AWOS assigned frequency is 118.425 and the telephone access number is 352-528-9949. Other projects in the planning stage are additional T-hangars, a corporate hangar park, a new FBO