Full Service Flight School

Obtaining Your License

Learning to fly is a very rewarding experience. Once you have your license it is a wonderful feeling to be able to fly your family and friends anywhere to have lunch. On completion of the Private Pilot Course (including the Practical Examination) it allows the pilot to act as Pilot‐In‐Command of an aircraft carrying passengers or property, but not for compensation or hire subject to FAR Parts 61 and 91.

The FAA stipulates the minimum requirements on what you need to earn your Private Pilot’s license but we try to give a realistic idea of what will be involved to pass your exam. Every person’s learning style is different and there is no right or wrong way on accomplishing your goal.  After passing your Private Pilot you have the option to proceed with your training to Instrument.  This is the ability to learn flying in weather and situations that rely on your instruments.

The Instructor time will cover the entire lesson whether it is ground or flying time. Once the requirement for solo time is achieved it is very dependent on each student on how much time they want to put in themselves for practice. There will be a pre-exam check ride with the instructor, which will be the final preparation for the exam. All the figures quoted are best estimates and all subject to change.

The following link will show the break down for all the costs in either the 152 or the 172 for either Private or Instrument.

Break Down