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Jadiel Calo – 01/14/14

I received my training at Sky Chiefs from Private all the way to Commercial. The training was top notch; Ryan is an awesome instructor that will work around you to meet your needs at a very low price. Now that I am an instructor, I really appreciate all the work Ryan did for me. I’d recommend  this school any day over any other in the area.

Shaina Bonadio – 05/22/13

SCA is a great facility to learn how to fly. Ryan is an amazing instructor who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. He cares about his students and is very patient about teaching until the student fully understands the concepts. I highly recommend SCA

Andreas Hoelscher – 04/08/13

Three weeks ago, I spent one week in Gainesville to visit a friend of mine and besides this to achieve my flight review as a private pilot. Since I had barely flown the last 15 years since I got my PPL, Ryan, the owner of SCA, had to patiently teach me almost everything again. He was really a fantastic instructor and I can unconditionally recommend him to everybody who is looking for a private pilot education on a high level of professionalism. I liked his sense of humor and enjoyed every hour flying with him. Dear German flight students don’t look for Naples or St. Augustine to shoot for your Private Pilot License. Join Ryan at SCA in Gainesville. He seriously cares for every student.

Russell Walther – 03/05/13

I recently just passed my private check ride after training with Sky Chiefs. SCA has a new instructor, Jeff Godman. I utilized both Jeff and Ryan for my private pilot training. They were professional, friendly, and excellent instructors. Ryan as a business owner always had his airplanes in top notch working order. Their facilities are convenient to the Gainesville area and are good for a training environment. Specifically about Jeff, he was a great instructor who was appropriate with feedback and was able to explain things in a simple, straightforward manner. Overall my experience was great. Great instructors with good equipment and facilities. It was a professional, safe, and fun environment to get my private license.

 Zack Morris – 07/21/11

My experience at Sky Chiefs was awesome! Ryan is an easy-going great guy and one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. He is very concerned about your progress and is always ready to fly with you. I just passed my checkride after 2.5 months of flights with Ryan. I highly recommend Sky Chiefs to everyone!

Lisa D’Oyley – 07/19/11

Sky Chiefs Aviation is the best flight training company in Gainesville, and quite possibly in Florida. I started my private pilot training with another instructor in South Florida, but after moving to Gainesville and starting with Ryan, I realized what a great instructor he is. He is organized, thorough, and always available to his students, and genuinely cares about our success. He has a systematic way of flight training, which has been proven, to work, considering the number of his students who pass their check rides. Because it is a smaller operation, we get the one-on-one training and attention needed to get the best quality training possible. The examiner even commented that he has never had a student from Sky Chiefs Aviation who wasn’t completely prepared for their check ride. I never felt stressed, every flight was productive, and he made flight training fun – the way it’s supposed to be. I highly recommend Sky Chiefs Aviation!

Keith Walker – 03/04/11

Ryan Foote is and will always be the face of Sky Chiefs Aviation! Ryan is an excellent instructor who is passionate about flying and it shows through his excellent instructional methods. Ryan has a unique teaching style that is stress free, organized and extremely thorough. His students are top priority and he is available when you need him. Just completed my Private Pilot and passed my checkride on 3/3/11 after 3.5 months of great training with Ryan. The Examiner was impressed with my skills and how well prepared I was for the exam, which is a direct reflection of how great an instructor Ryan truly is. I highly recommend Sky Chiefs Aviation for all of your aviation training needs and aircraft rentals. Ryan is always available to fly when you want

 Austin Lee Nichols – 01/07/11

My experience training at Sky Chiefs was perfect. Ryan is very knowledgeable and extremely fair with all of his charges. He only charges you when he is actually teaching you something and not every minute you are with him. He is the perfect guy to train with. He used to be one of the top instructors at UAC and has a passion for flight instruction – he has no plans to move to other aviation careers. His “master instructor” record speaks for itself. I’ll definitely continue to rent and train with him as long as I live in the GNV area